Air Purifier Photocatalyst Cleaning Air filtering Anion Air Cleaner for Home Office

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Three-layer filtration, effectively remove dustfall, peculiar smell, harmful substance, smoke,etc.

Adopts large air inlet area design, layer upon layer filtration, remove toxic and harmful substances in the car, refreshen air.

5V USB interface, can be connected to computer, mobile phone charging head, convenient to use.

8 million negative oxygen ion purification technology, multi-layer composite filter to kill smoke, formaldehyde, PM2.5.

Multi-scenario use, for desktop office use refreshing, and bedroom study to create atmospheres.



Item Type: Air Purifier 

Rated Power: 2W

Rated Voltage: DC5V 1A

Negative Ion Concentration: 8 million / cc

Applicable Space: <8m³

Noise: ≤35dB

Interface: Car Power / USB

Air Volume: 5.3-15m³ / h

Function: Remove formaldehyde,etc


Package List

1 x Air Purifier

1 x USB Cable 

1 x Manual



1. Do not disassemble the machine or push the metal rod into the machine, otherwise there is a danger of electric shock.

2. Leave some space in the air outlet when using, and don't be blocked by objects.

3.Do not use the machine in high humidity, high temperature or flammable gas or liquid environment.

4. Don't let children play with the machine

5. If not used for a long time, unplug the power cord

6. If the machine is damaged, it must be replaced by a professional or a special matching device purchased from its manufacturer or maintenance department.

7. Do not expose the machine to places where water or rain splashes.

8. Do not place the machine near a fire source or a heating device, such as a heating stove.

9. If the machine gets wet, please place the machine in a ventilated place to dry. Do not dry the machine with high temperature.

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